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Quick Wax

Quick Wax Our high quality Carnauba wax formulation brings out that showroom shine, & adds UV protection. Please see below: Quick wax 17.2 oz. Dry Shine has developed a new formula for waxing your car quickly and easily by combining premium quality ingredients including Carnauba wax, and a biodegradable ingredient. We’ve added a nano-sealer and UV protection which will help protect surface coats and paint. A large hydrophobic capacity which will reduce the accumulation of water on the body surface as well as reduce damage caused by acid rain, and will reduce calcareous traces. Dry Shine’s Quick Wax (17.2 oz.)...

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Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner For the proper care and feeding of your leather. Please see below: Leather Cleaner & Conditioner  FEATURES Dry Shine Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is formulated to clean, nourish and hydrate your leather – all in one step It contains no harsh ingredients that would damage, discolour or dull leather Strong enough for tough jobs but gentle enough for the finest quality leather Smells great too! Size: 12.7 fl. oz bottle Return to...

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Salt Eraser

Salt Eraser Formulated to deep clean, break up and remove stubborn salt and calcium on your carpets.  Please see below: Salt Eraser 16 oz. – Aerosol Salt Eraser is the solution to a long time problem for many people primarily located in the colder climates. Salt Eraser eliminates salt from carpets effortlessly, even heavily crusted salt. It penetrates fibers deeply to break up salt and calcium. Safely removes salt from carpets, rugs, mats & runners. Our revolutionary formulation allows Salt Eraser to dry very quickly! No rubbing, no water needed. Great for cars, trucks, commercial carpets, and home use....

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Microfiber towel

Microfiber towel Our specially designed 2 in 1 Super Advanced Microfiber Towel; Thicker, plusher and softer. Please see below: # # Cleaning One side softer fiber of 450 GSM. Shining Second side with a special fiber. Dry Shine’s Super Advanced, 2 in 1 Microfiber towel Introducing Dry Shine Car Care Micro–cotton towel, a product designed exclusively for use with the Dry Shine Waterless Wash and Wax line of products.  By embedding cotton into our towel and combining it with a premium 70/30 microfiber weave, the result is a scratch-free mega-absorbent cloth that is washable, reusable and manufactured to last....

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