Hi Guys, Your Dry Shine product is amazing. I got my truck covered with fresh oil and tried to clean it up with different products. However, Dry Shine did the work. It is perfect. It is easy to use and really works. Now my truck in not only clean but shines like never before. Thanks folks!

Pavlin Ursov

Clean professional look

Bought these recently. Based on reviews and locations of use. We too have water restrictions in California. Used the wash and wax on the windows first time and with the towel it did great. The chrome shine really made the difference on our custom wheels. Looking forward to using it on the Murano body soon. The interior products too made the dash and door panels look great. Just received the glass cleaner yesterday to keep one in the car.



I followed the instructions, tried it on a patch and it was sparkling as if it was a brand new paint job; so I washed the entire vehicle S550 (without water). As I was cleaning my car a professional auto detail-er came up to me and said this is one of the best products ever made thus far and it truly saves because it needs NO water. Me and the detail-er said who ever invented this, is brilliant!!!

-T Lewis

What glass?

This stuff really works. Gets glass cleaner than anything I have ever used. If your windshield is old you will be able to see all the tiny marks made by all the sand and dirt that has been hitting it for years. Be careful not to run off the road admiring your clean windshield.